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Mr. B's Bookkeeping and Tax Service provides the following services to small and medium-sized businesses.  Services are available both on and off-site.  Please note that this list is not all inclusive:


Financial Statements

We provide your small business with important financial statements such as balance sheets , income statements, and payroll summaries. Depending on the needs of your company, other statements are available as well.

  • Monthly, quarterly, annually, or as needed

Accounts Payable

Let us handle the hassle of paying bills for you! We can keep track of your expenses and make sure that your bills are paid in a timely manner. This allows you to be aware of upcoming expenses and necessary account balance minimums, giving you peace of mind. Our clients are even afforded the option of having their bills sent directly to us.

Account Reconciliations

In order to understand your business’s current financial situation, it is essential that all accounts be properly reconciled on a regular basis.  Our office provides complete account reconciliations for checking, savings, credit card, and other accounts.  Having your accounts professionally reconciled regularly not only helps your business manage funds efficiently, but it also allows prevention and early detection of lost checks and deposits, fraudulent or unauthorized charges, and potential embezzlement from within your company. 

Payroll and Payroll Tax Filings

Outsourcing your payroll to our company saves your business time and money. It will eliminate your need for specialized employees, and the costly risks of calculating and filing your own federal and state payroll liabilities.

• weekly, biweekly, monthly, or irregular payroll
• direct deposit, printed checks, or simple payroll reporting
• scheduled online tax deposits
• end of year W-2’s and W-3’s


State Sales and Use Tax, Property Tax, Mixed Beverage Tax, etc.

We calculate your tax liability and handle all of the related filings and payments online.  As tax laws and rates are perpetually changing, it is important that your business's tax liability is handled by tax professionals.   When you let our office handle your tax filings, you are guaranteed timeliness and accuracy.

New Business Formation:

We will educate you on the different business forms available and help you decide what best suits your needs. We draft the appropriate operating agreement and handle all of the necessary filings to get your business started the right way.  We are also always available for consulting and financial planning.

• LLC’s, PLLC’s, Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships, and Corporations